Quality Policy

Sentinel Inspection Services is committed to good professional practice through Quality in Inspection, Support and Service.

Our mission is to supply our clients with on-time delivery of inspection results and services, which are of the best possible quality and consistently meet the performance criteria.

In order to live up to our quality policy and objectives, our inspection body shall execute inspections efficiently, economically and on time with standards that consistently meet or exceed our clients’ requirements. This is accomplished through a continuing program to improve upon operational procedures and systems while striving to supply accurate and exact inspection results.

Inspections and services provided by our inspection body shall conform to the requirements specified by our client, and be performed under the ISO 17020 Quality Standard. Management’s responsibility is to provide direct leadership and resources to ensure continued conformance with these requirements. A cornerstone of our inspection body’s Quality Policy is that excellence in the quality of the inspections and client service is the result of collective effort and commitment from all its team members. This commitment to quality shall be realized from the time of client enquiry to the delivery of our inspection reports.

All personnel concerned with inspection activities are familiar with the quality documentation and implement the policies and procedures at all times.

The quality system is under regular review and audit. All employees are invited to suggest possible improvements in working practice to the management.

Financial or political considerations do not influence testing. The inspection body has top management commitment to impartiality.

Our inspection body will participate in an exchange of experience with other inspection bodies and in standardization processes.

Objective evidence in support of our inspection body’s Quality Policy is the responsibility of the General Manager.